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Symonds Hill Development

To eventually replace the existing quarry pit as a source of rock, Winstone has designed a second extraction pit for Hunua Quarry at Symonds Hill (PDF 201.6 KB), which is south of the ridge behind the existing processing plant and operational areas.  Rock extraction and aggregate processing operations will continue too take place entirely within land zoned Quarry.

However, a number of necessary landuse and other consents to enable development of Symonds Hill were required and obtained from Auckland Council.

Winstone’s applications for these consents, included mitigation proposals for the unavoidable effects on vegetation, water-courses and habitat within the Symonds Hill area.  As a consequence of the consents having been issued, a significant and extensive environmental enhancement programme is underway.  This builds on the existing and extensive environmental programmes already in place.  Company policy (PDF 32.1 KB) expresses Winstone’s commitment to the environment.