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Management Plans and Regulatory Framework

Since the enactment of the Resource Management Act(RMA) in 1991 Hunua Quarry has operated within the framework of this legislation.

To acheive what Winstone understands to be the environmental responsibility promoted by the RMA, in 1993 it developed and implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) that all sites follow.  The EMS is modelled on ISO 14001 and Winstone was the first NZ operator in the industry to establish such a system.  It should be noted that this is an internal system, while it is external public agencies which create objectives, policies and set the rules to regulate the effects of activities, with which Winstone quarry operations have to comply.

Auckland Council’s Operative Papakura District Plan authorises land use activities, and in the Quarry Zone section there are rules which apply to quarrying activities, and these set controls on effects such as operational noise and noise and vibration from blasting.  [The District Plan can be viewed through Council's web site at Auckland Council.]

Similarly the Auckland Council through Regional Plans (Sediment Control and Air, Land, and Water) authorises quarry activity through a number of resource consents which relate to Council’s responsibilities for the region’s air and water quality.

Quarry Management Plan (PDF 2.7 MB) outlines how Winstone operates the quarry to comply with the regulatory framework in respect of matters such as: vegetation removal; water takes and discharges; air discharges and dust control; and rock extraction and processing.

The QMP was first developed in 2002, in consultation with members of the Community Liaison Group (CLG) and the then Papakura District Council.  A primary aim of the plan is to provide assurance to the community that potential environmental effects of quarrying operations are being appropriately managed and controlled.